Monday, February 11, 2019

Che Banh Lot (Cendol) with Ruby Chestnuts and JCC

Desserts tonight is cendol and Japanese Cotton Cheesecake. Have not make these for a while so testing recipes again. Cheesecake was exploding with cracks but still tall soft and tasty. I ate desserts before dinner as I couldn't wait...lolπŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

Recipe for Cendol using microwave click here
Recipe for JCC from Craftpassion click here

Cendol Recipe


1 cup+ 1tbsp rice flour
2 tbsp mung bean starch (can use tapioca starch)
3 3/4 cup red limestone water or white limestone water
1/4 tsp salt
1-2 tsp pandan paste

1 can coconut milk + 2 tbsp sugar +1/4 tsp salt

Syrup: half the recipe if not eating too sweet. This amount of sugar is for double the recipe.⬆️
250 gram palm sugar + 1 slap brown candy sugar + 2 cup water

1 potato ricer (or anything with holes)
a big bowl of ice water


Red limestone water- 2 tbsp red limestone mix with 8 cups water. Stir well and let lime crystals sink to the bottom at least over 1 hr. Just use the clear top water. Better to strain over paper towel. (Note: Add more water to the lime crystals after each use and you can use it again and again.)

1. Mix rice flour, mung bean starch, 3 3/4 cup red limestone water, salt, and pandan paste. Mix well.

2. Cook on stove with medium high heat and continuously stir to prevent burning on bottom.  Best to use nonstick pot.  Turn heat on low medium once batter thicken. Continue cooking, stirring until batter is cooked, smooth and shiny.  Better to over cook than under cook. If under cook, cendol will break easily. You can test if ready or not by doing drop test. Drop a piece of cendol in cold water. The cendol should be smooth and chewy. If break easily then cook longer. 

3. Have a large bowl of ice and add in some cold water. Now quickly pour the rice mixture in the ricer and press lightly to desire length. The cendol should fall freely in the water when you press it. Continue until all mixture is gone. Add more ice if water is warm. The cold water is very important for the hot mixture to harden. Drain the cendol out of the ice water and serve with syrup, ice, and coconut milk. (Note: must work quick before the mixture gets harden. Once harden it, your cendol will not come out smooth. Pressing harder will give fatter cendol)

4. Cook the coconut milk mixture. *optional on cornstarch. 

5. Boil the palm sugar, rock sugar, and water until slightly thicken.

6. Put some cendol in a cup. Add in 2-3 tbsp syrup, ice, and coconut milk. Serve cold.

Note: You can serve this with red bean, mung bean paste , grass jelly, or ruby chestnuts.

Ruby Chestnuts Recipe:

5-6 chestnuts diced
1/2 cup tapioca starch
2-3 drop red food coloring

1.  Soak diced chestnuts with red food coloring. Use only few drops of water to mix. Leave for few minutes then drain off any water.
2.  Coat chestnuts with tapioca starch.
3.  Boil a pot of water. Add coated chestnuts in when water on rolling boiling. Cook until chestnuts float and transparent. Remove and rinse in cold water.
***Optional:  If not all chestnut coated, then mix few drop of red to the cooked chestnuts and then coat with more tapioca starch and boil in boiling water again. Second coating will leave better result.πŸ˜‰

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