Thursday, August 28, 2014

Tiramisu, Coconut, Pistachio Green Tea Macarons

My brothers once bought some macarons home for me to try.  I tried them but they were so sweet I couldn't tell which flavor I was eating.  The macarons were like $1 each.  I was like expensive!  My brothers asked if I know how to make them.  After watching a few videos and different recipes, I made some macarons!  I decided to make tiramisu since my brother loves my tiranisu cake.  Coconut for my hubby and pistachio green tea for me.  For tiramisu fillings, I used mascarpone cheese, butter, coffee liquor, coffee, sugar, and cocoa.  For coconut and green tea macaron fillings, I used pistachio and lindt coconut white chocolate.   The results, we were so addicted to these macarons we ate them for a whole week and then made some more for another week.  And then when my sister came back to visit she requested for some and I made her a box to go.