Sunday, September 13, 2009

Garden Update September

I have been so busy with work, wedding, and dieting that I have no time to cook anything new. So I decided to share more pictures of my garden. Very excited that I might get more than one fruit this year....Lol.

This year there are 10 Priestly atemoya on the tree. All are growing larger but still growing very slowly. I think I will have to wait until December to eat them...if they don't fall off before then. :)

My dwarf june plum planted from seeds. This is the second year so the fruits are a lot larger than the one from last year. Maybe I can eat them this time. Last year was only for look since the fruits were like nickle size. That tree die afterward. So it's better not to let the tree fruit the first year. :)

I have 2 sapodilla trees (hasya and makok). Both have tons of flowers and fruits on it. I didn't even pollinate them. I did saw a lot of tiny flies and bees around the trees. The hasya is faster growing than the makok. The hasya is over 5 ft tall already so I pruned the tip off to let it branch out.


This year was a surprise with the dragon fruit. Not sure if it's because of the fertilizer I used or just because it's old and heavy to bud. There are at least 7 flower buds for my magenta dragon fruit. Some did fell off before I get a picture of it. Hopefully I will get to try my dragon fruit this year. :)

First time for the yellow dragon fruit to flower. As you can see it is different than the magenta one. There is only one flower so not sure how it will pollinate. :(

There are a lot of fruits on my guava tree. The first and second year was not that good. The fruits were small and tasteless. The tree seem to be happy this year plus I placed the pot out in the yard where it gets full day of sun. I also changed the pot to a 20 liter pot.

Papaya are doing great..except they kept on being knocked over by the wind. :(

Here are my Bonfire dwarf peach trees. This tree was bought for it's dwarf size and because of it's red leaves. Also, the flowers are a beauty on the naked tree in the spring. This year fruits are larger! However, the darn squirrel stole most of them. I need to order some pepper spray or net to keep the squirrel away next year. Just pruned the tree today.

This peach tree is less than 3 ft with edible

This is an Asian melon (dua gia). It tastes like cantaloupe and honeydew without the sugar. Since this melon is not so sweet you add sugar and ice to it. Not sure what is going on but this plant is dying. There are some white powder stuff on the plant. It could be of a disease of because of the cold nights we had lately. There are 5 large melons. I think one might be ready to eat...hehe :)

Going to eat this one

Edible elephant ears.

I ordered this plant 2 years ago and thought it was dead since I planted on a snowy day. Since it was just leaves and branches for 2 years I couldn't remember what kind of plant it was. But good thing it bloomed this year and the flowers are beautiful. This is a hydrangea. Thought it was white but some flowers are pink. I remembered I ordered a blue....hmmmm.. I think maybe if I stick some nails in the ground it might change the acid of the soil and the flowers will turn blue.