Sunday, September 19, 2010

Tropical fruits in Toronto

We went to Toronto for a 5 days vacation and it was a lot of fun. We bought a lot of tropical fruits, visited the Niagara Fall during the day and night, visited some relatives, and went to dinner in the CN Tower. The only sad thing was CAD money worth more than US dollar. The best rate we got was with TD bank because they didn't charge an exchange fee. I think it was 100 US dollars for 101 CAD. There were many fruit stores and some were cheaper than the other. The fruits were a little cheaper than in the US and a lot fresher!

Niagara Fall during day
Niagara Fall at night

Niagara Fall w/ lights
Free fireworks

Chinatown on Spadina Ave. More than 5 fruit stores.
Best sugar apples
Longkong and rambutan so sweet

Best mangosteen ever.
Didn't try the sapodilla since it was still green.
Atemoya- some were good and some just ok. I still think the one we got from Florida was better.
Mangoes were so good with salt and chillies.
Try not to buy the 10 for $20 sugar apple as they're not as good as the 7 for $20.
June plum was good and not too sour.

Sour sop may looks good but the ripe one is not good at all. We got one ripe and unripe. The hard one was better and sweeter than the ripe one.
First day there and we spent $95 on fruits. For the rest of the 3 days we spent $90 each day on fruits.
Sour but yummy
Ripe sour sop not so good
Baby jackfruit chempedak was very good. The flesh was soft and sweet.
CN Tower
CN Tower at night was so beautiful with the different light.

Dinner at CN Tower was very expensive after tax and tips. But the food was good. We also get to see the city from up high. It was a beautiful scene.


My Taste Heaven said...

wow...the niagara falls is so beautiful at night.

Medifast Coupons said...

I live just an hour and half from Toronto and always our favorite place to go for a nice day trip to the chinese markets, you can't beat all the beautiful produce.
The falls in the winter is also beautiful, when it is frozen and the lights oh it is spectacular.
Hope you come again.

ch3rri said...

I will go again...but might have to be next year. I will have to check when is the peak month for all my favorite tropical fruits. I hope the exchange rate will be better next time I go...:)

Dan Shriver said...

Hey there,
Doesn't look like you went to any of the other places for fruits. The markets around Spadina and Dundas (SE Asian markets) are best organized and some of them are even fruit only.
In other ethnic areas (Indian area, African area) you can find other fruits, but they are in small mom and pop grocery stores that sell all kinds of stuff.
The Indian ones carry Indian fruits like Amala (a disgusting fruit Physallis embilca or something like that), or Phalsa (supposedly very delicious, have not yet had it- Grewia asiatica),...
The African ones might have whole cola pods as well as some African fruits (maybe Safu...).
Sadly they are more scattered and not "fruit dedicated".

BTW: my Thai Santol seedling seems to have been eaten by bugs (grrr....)

Sparkling said...

wow.. so beautiful pics of Niagara falls. miss it and esp. miss all those fruits. I'd been looking for your site, you have sugar apple tree rite? can i ask how you pollinate it, i remember you had fruits last year. I couldn't pollinate it all summer :(