Thursday, September 23, 2010

September Figs Update

I bought my figs from treesofjoy on March 2010. They were still dormant when I bought them. After some care they grew beautifully and produced some delicious figs! It is hard to describe the taste and some more fruity than the other. All were very sweet. The skin on these figs were thin compared to the store bought. The taste of course is way better than the store bought. I just ate some brooklyn dark and it was so good, juicy, and fruity. The brooklyn dark fig is the largest in size compared to ronde de bordeaux, black mission, or hardy chicago. The dark portuguese figs still not near ripening. I would say the dark portuguese is a late season fig in PA or because this is the first season so the figs came a little late. If you ask me which is my favorite, I would say I like them all. If I have to pick then I would say brooklyn dark and ronde is the best because of taste, size, and color. Both have a really nice color inside. The ronde is a little prettier because of the dark purple color and reddish inside. Ronde is also a fast growing tree. I might have to change the pot again next year. Just picked a few more Ronde so I will enjoy these slowly.....hehehehe
Picture taken 9/16/10

Picked 9/22/10


Picked 8/22/10
Picked 8/22/10
Picked 8/22/10

Picked 8/29/10

Picture taken 9/22/10

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