Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Coconut Jelly

I love this coconut jelly! They sell it frozen but it's cheaper to make your own. Very refreshing if you can find fresh young coconuts. I was only able to get one fresh coconut at the supermarket. So I decided to get the canned coconut with syrup to mix it with the fresh coconut. The result is great since I didn't need to add much sugar. :) One bag of Konnyaku power call for 950 ml liquid. I didn't have enough coconut juice so I only used half a bag.


1 young coconut (about 250 ml juice)
2 cans young coconut in syrup (total of 400 ml syrup)
1 tbsp sugar
5 gm konnyaku jelly powder (half bag)


1. Cut the fresh coconut and remove the juice. Mix with the can coconut syrup. Bring to boil.
2. Mix the jelly powder with sugar. Add this mixture in the boiling juice. Stir until mixture dissolve. (Strain the juice since some powder might not dissolve successfully.)
3. Prepare the molds. Place the can coconut meat in the molds and in the fresh coconut. Pour the jelly liquid in the molds and coconut.
4. The jelly will set fairly quick. Best to leave jelly in the refrigerator so it'll be nice and cool.



This is a totally refreshing and cooling desert!

lilyng said...

i made the jelly with gelatin and i agree with you. This is really refreshing

elham said...

Hi cherri blossoms!

i just have a qn... if i find enough fresh young coconuts for everyone, how can i make this recipe without the can ones?!?!?eum

ch3rri said...

Yes, if you find enough fresh coconuts then that's great. Each coconut have about 250 ml juice. Some maybe smaller. A pack of konnyaku jelly powder call for 950 ml liquid. So 4 fresh coconuts are good for this recipe. If not enough liquid from the coconuts, then add some water. Also, add in enough sugar for sweetness. I try not to scrape the flesh out as it will make the inside cloudy. Just leave the flesh in and scrape out when you eat the jelly. Hope this help. Good luck. Let me know how it taste. I will try to get more coconuts to make this again.

My Taste Heaven said...

hmmm, i think this is a good remedy when someone is having fever! :)

ch3rri said...

Ok...I don't have a fever now but I'm crazy for more coconut jelly. I went to the store and got 4 fresh coconuts and I will make them tonight. Will post the results later. Mmmmm...

Anonymous said...

i don't know what went wrong, as my coconut jelly seem to be tasteless (no coconut taste). is it normal?

ch3rri said...

I'm not sure why but it should have some coconut water taste. It shouldn't be tasteless. Could it be the coconut not being fresh enough? You should drink some of the coconut juice and taste it before cooking. This way you'll know if the taste is the same or not after cooking. You should also add sugar to your taste.