Saturday, March 14, 2009

Fresh Coconut Jelly

So I did an experiment with konnyaku jelly power and agar agar. For one bag of konnyaku jelly powder you only need 3 fresh coconuts. Guess my previous assumption was wrong. Sometime one coconut have more than 400 ml liquid. I guess I got some really big So for the extra coconut, I used agar agar. The look of and taste of the konnyaku and agar are very similar. However, I think the konnyaku is a lot better. Konnyaku is more chewy and smooth compared to agar agar. The texture of the agar is more crunchy and soft....not as smooth when you scoop it. I prefer the konnyaku jelly! :)


3 fresh young coconuts (about 950-1000 ml liquid)
2 1/2 tbsp sugar
1 bag konnyaku jelly powder (10 gm)


1. Cut the fresh coconuts and remove the juice. Add in the sugar to taste.

2. Mix the konnyaku jelly powder with the coconut juice. It is easier to dissolve the powder with the juice first as it get lumpy when mix in direct boiling liquid (harder for it to dissolve). Stir continously and bring to boil.

3. Pour the jelly liquid back into the coconuts. The jelly will set fairly quick. Best to leave jelly in the refrigerator so it'll be nice and cool.

Optional: I added extra coconut meat from the can. This way I get to eat the coconut meat in every bite.. :) You can leave the jelly in the refrigerator for 3 days and it'll still taste great!

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Anonymous said...


I just want to say thank you for the instruction to make coconut jelly. I got a few bags of Konnyaku Jelly 10g, i have no idea why instruction in the bag says that 1 bag is for 4 to 5 litters of coconut juice, it was confusion so i google around and found your instruction. Thanks again, appreciate it!!