Monday, November 3, 2008

What I cooked this weekend

This weekend I feel like eating Vietnamese appetizers. I made a couple dishes and they were yummy. I used some recipes from other friendly blogs as guide and adjusted the flavors and increased the portion to feed more hungry members. My family were very please with the food. :) All recipes can be found at My Blog List.

Banh it tran (Naked rice cake)
This rice cake is made of rice flour, mung bean, ground pork, ground shrimp, and green onions. This is good to eat it with homemade fish sauce.

Stir-fried silver needle noodles
The noodle is made out of wheat starch, tapioca starch, salt, oil, and water. Stir-fried with ground pork, shrimps, celery, and green onion. Seasoned with salt, sugar, fish sauce, and oyster sauce.

Banh bot loc (chewy tapioca cake)
The flour is mainly made out of tapioca starch, rice flour, salt, and water. The fillings is made out of diced shrimps, onion, and green onion. Eat this with homemade fish sauce.


u no who said...

I guess anything "naked" can't taste too bad...LMAO

Anonymous said...

Where's the recipe for this?

macy said...

wheres the recipe for this?