Saturday, November 29, 2008

What Did You Eat on Thanksgiving?

Well, my plan was to go on a diet...ok, after this I got my free turkey but no one wants to eat it. So my parents cooked sweet n' sour lobsters, pan fried noodle, honey mayonnaise shrimps, shark fin soup, quails, and my pak tong koh for Thanksgiving. Everything tasted great!

On Black Friday, we went to the Best Buy and the mall. Man, the line for Best Buy was super long! The line was long enough to wrap around the store. I didn't wanted to wait so I went to the mall instead. A lot of things were on sale...but I didn't get anything. :( Another disappointing Black Friday. I'm not gonna listen to my brother next year....

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Anonymous said...

omg looks so good.... i could taste it in my mouth!!! I want some!