Thursday, May 27, 2010

Picked 1st Makok Sapodilla

I picked my first makok sapodilla on May 22nd. It was somewhat soft on the tree but I still have to let it ripe on the counter for couple more days. The taste is sweet but not as sweet as the alano. The smell is just like a sapodilla. The color of the inside is light brown. I think it's supposed to be a darker brown, but maybe being planted in a pot and no direct sun for a couple months in the winter affected the color. There might be a lack of fertilizer too. I would say the flower started around July of last year. So it took about 10 months for the fruit to ripe and ready to eat. I think it took this long because of not enough heat and sunshine. The fruit is larger than a large egg. The tree is flowering again.:)

I should have leave it for another day. Still a little green on the edges. But this is still good.
Tips for picking: To test if the fruit is mature to pick, try to scrape hard into the skin. If it's not ready then you will see the latex coming out. Also, when it's ready then it come off easily from stem.

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ICook4Fun said...

We eat a lot of this fruits back in Malaysia. We called it 'Ciku' We normally don't leave it on the tree to ripe as the birds will get them before us :) We pick them when they are mature then wrap it in the newspaper and keep them in our rice pot/container. It will get soft within a day or two.