Sunday, May 30, 2010

Mango Trees from Nipa Hut Gardens

After long research and reading about mango tree, I decided to get the nam doc mai and carrie mango trees. I ordered two mango trees from Nipa Hut Gardens. They are 2 ft tall. The trees came pretty fast with ground shipping. It came in 3-4 days and no damage. The nam doc mai is a newer graft than the carrie since the trunk is still green. I'm pretty satisfied with my order from Nipa Hut and their shipping is a lot cheaper than other nursery. Let's see how well I can grow mango trees in PA. :)

Left is Carrie, right is Nam doc mai

right NDM, left Carrie


Zoe said...

You are addicted to Tropical fruits and trees :-) Do you still have room left in the basement for these two tropical trees? :-)

ch3rri said...

Hehehe...yes, I am very addicted. I tried to move a couple things somewhere else like the yard and front. My basement is big so there is room there. But basement is not a good place since there is limited of sunlight during winter. My deck is very packed right now.:)