Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Peach Blossoms

Who needs cherry blossoms when peach blossoms are so beautiful. :) I love cherry blossom and peach blossoms. I planted many dwarf peach blossoms and one weeping cherry blossom tree which it still didn't bloom. I planted 2 weeping peach blossoms and this one on the side of the house is just too beautiful. The blooms are double bright pink color.

These dwarf bonfire peach trees changes color from light pink to darker pink. They also bear edible peaches! So beautiful.


ICook4Fun said...

The peach blossoms are just so beautiful!! Soon you will be having some big beautiful fruits too.

A Fierce Reality said...

I love your pictures...very inspuirational


Anonymous said...

Those fruits tree have beautiful flowers!!!Kristy..TC

Jon Bailey said...

Beautiful and so nice to meet you
yesterday. Jon

ch3rri said...

HI Jon,

It was really nice meeting you and Jeremy too. Hope we will see again next year.