Friday, April 30, 2010

Late Season Cherimoya

The season for cherimoya is coming to an end soon. This is my second order for cherimoya. They are a little different in sizes and shapes compared to last week order. This could be because this is considered a late season for the cherimoya. I will have to wait until they are ripe to eat. This will take maybe 3 days. I will check them everyday just to make sure my cherimoya is not overripe. Feel and press the fruit to check if they are ripe or not. If it's soft when you press it then it's ripe. Make sure you check a couple spots on the fruit. Usually closer to the stem is where you can press to check. Then check the sides. Remember to wash before cutting the fruit!

The Pierce is sweet with some tart and graininess. Seedy compared to other varieties.

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