Friday, April 16, 2010

My Potted Sapodilla

Time for some update on my two sapodilla trees. They are doing pretty well on pots. But I have to say it took a while for the fruits to get this size. I believe the flowers bloomed around summer of 2009 and then they were indoor for winter. So without the hot sun these fruits can take a year before they get full size.
This is the Hasya sapodilla. There are 12 fruits on this tree right now. The tree is 4-5 tall in a 7 gallon pot.


This is the Makok sapodilla and it only have one fruit, but this is the largest fruit compared to the Hasya. The tree was bigger but then most of it was the seedling tree so I pruned a couple months ago. The grafted branches are growing new leaves. I think this fruit should be ready to pick in May. This tree is slower grower so it stayed in the 3 gallon pot for not.


Ube said...

Where did you buy your trees? You have a very very green thumb. Your trees are doing well in containers too.

ch3rri said...

I got these two trees from Top Tropicals. But Pine Island Nursery sell them too.

Zoe said...

Wow! You're the Queen of Tropical Trees! :-)

Chandini said...

Wow ! These are awesome.
I picked up a Sapodilla plant from a nursery in India. They told me it was a bonsai...I noticed many tiny round blobs in the leaf axle area. I realized they were buds. Two of them might open up any day. How long before they turn into fruit ? And what special care must I take of the plant ?

ch3rri said...

It will take 9-10 months for fruit to ripe. It might be faster in hotter climate.