Monday, November 23, 2009

November Update of Tropical Fruit Trees

This is an exciting year as many of my trees are doing very well. I might get to eat some of the fruits this December.

My guava have tons of fruit on it. However, since it will not receive any sunlight for the next couple months, the fruits might not reach it's largest size. Might end up like last year where the fruit will be small with no taste. But it's still a good look tree...:)

The dwarf june plume (koc) also doing very well. But not sure when is the time to eat the june plum as it is still to small for me.

My Priesty Atemoya (man cau) is doing extremely well as it bearing 10 fruits. The two largest one might be ready to eat...hehehe. I seriously think this is a Lisa Atemoya since the skin is pinkish. I also found that there is a small piece of plastic that say Lisa on it. I think the nursery sent me the wrong tree. Too late to do anything about it

Lots of flowers and fruits on my sapodilla also...but not sure if they fruits will make it or not. The largest one is bigger than a quarter now.

My seed grown sugar apple is bearing it's first fruit and I didn't even pollinate it this year! The fruit is getting larger each week...can't wait to see how this one taste.

A surprise this year as my sweetheart lychee is blooming! Yes, I got this lychee tree last year and this year it's blooming. The key is to leave it outside until middle of November then bring it in. That gives it's chilling hours and now blooming. Hope the bloom will stay on and turning into fruits. So excited.

Add Image Purple caimito need to be in a larger pot. Will need to change it in spring. Lots of leaves fell off...not sure if it's because of the root bound or not.

My santol tree is taller...but still no sign of flower. Guess I will need to wait for another year..or few...:(

Hahahha...this is my jungle in the basement. I still need to move my dragon fruit in. This place will be packed with tropicals. Maybe I should move the santol upstairs once it snow.


Anonymous said...

Hi, what a wonderful collection you have! Just a notice: I have a papaya tree and I made the mistake of leaving it in a 3 gallon pot. Papaya's will not fruit in that little of root space. They will grow tall and spindly and will not get very many leaves. If you could get a pot that is at least 10 gallons and fertilize it frequently you would be better off. Also, as soon as you can identify the male and female papaya's I would keep one male and as many females as you need. Males (when outdoors) can provide pollination for up to a 10 mile radius.

Hope this helps!

ch3rri said...

Yes, the pots for the papaya is too small. I was thinking to plant it in the ground this coming spring. I have no room for any more Got to let it grown in ground and maybe dig it up later on. I'm running out of room and I have too many papaya. Still don't know which is male or female. Will have to wait another year.

Tomas said...

Amazing how well your plants grow inside for you, and fruiting too!