Friday, April 9, 2010

New Indian Jujube

I ordered this Indian jujube in December and it arrived today. I repotted the tree and I'm happy with the height of the tree. I'm somewhat upset with the broken branches. A few branches are broken not due to shipping but the person who tie it bent it too hard. I'm hoping the broken branches will heal later so I didn't cut them off. The leaves on the trees are young leaves so they got beat up during shipping.

I got my replacement gefner atemoya too. I'm a bit disappointed because there are only a couple strings of roots. I hope it will survive.

On the left is the Gefner atemoya.

Couple broken branches

Roots of the atemoya. Very little.


Pete said...

Hope the tree grows well!

Added your link to my Peteformation Foodie blogroll. Cheers!

stex und johnny walker said...
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