Saturday, April 24, 2010

Cherimoya Fruits

I ordered some cherimoya on 4/20 and I got the fruits today. I have to say this is super fast shipping. I ordered from They also included 10 free lemons for me to make lemonade. :) The fruits are quite big. The largest one weigh more than 2lbs. The smallest one weigh about 1 lb. I got 2 orders so they weigh a total of 10 lbs. I requested for them to label these fruits but I guess they forgot. So I arranged the one that look alike together. I also numbered them so my tropical friends can help me identify which is which. I will now let them ripe for a couple days at room temperature. You will see how they look like on the inside later.:)

Can you identify them?

After asking Dario from, he identified the cherimoya as the follow:

1. Bays
2. Bays
3. Fino de Jete
4. Fino de Jete
5. Fino de Jete
6. Fino de Jete
7. Fino de Jete
8. Lucida


Zoe said...

Are they mang cau fruits? How much is one box? And how many in one box?

ch3rri said...

These are the soft mang cau. It's different than the one we eat. They weigh them by pounds. Depending on how big the fruits are. If you get larger fruit then maybe 3-4. If you get smaller fruits then maybe 5-6. One box is $25. If you want to try the check out the website.

Anonymous said...

Hello ch3rri,
Do you know which type taste better or how to choose the fruit? I bought some for my mom, but sometime it tastes good and other time it isn't. Thanks for the info., now I have learn they're have different name for it.

ch3rri said...

All of them taste very good. I think you order the Bays and Fino. It's better to taste a variety of cherimoya so you know which one you like most. I just placed another order. :)

Tebonin said...

Wow now I see what does it look like outside.. for a girl...they dont really look good..

Anonymous said...

Hi ch3rri,
I am clueless to distinguish between the variety of cherimoya. Is there clue/hint to look for in order to id their different types? thanks

ch3rri said...

You can look at the skin and see the difference. But it's really hard to tell because each week they look different. The only way to know is from the person who packed them. You can request them to label the fruits for you next time.