Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New Bread Maker

So I finally got a bread maker. I've been wanting one so I don't have to knead dough anymore...lol This is my first white bread and it's not bad. I made it extra sweet so I can just eat it plain. In the future..maybe tomorrow, I will use this to knead dough for steamed buns. My life will be easier now that I don't have to knead dough...hehehehe. This bread maker was on sale for $60 at Macy's. It actually look pretty nice.


Renato David said...

I just bought a sugar apple with lots of flowers. The flowers are dropping. Yours looks healthy. When do you bring your trees indoor? I live in Riverside CA. It gets cold in the winter. Temperature drops to 40's. Would you recommend to bring it indoor? Thanks