Monday, August 12, 2013

Pork Silver Needle Noodles with Coconut Sauce- Banh Tam Bi

This is my first time making this Vietnamese dish.  I'm pretty satisfy with the taste.  I think I love everything with coconut milk.  I don't have a recipe since I didn't measure everything.  I made the noodles but you can buy them from Chinese Supermarket.  This noodles are noodles made from rice flour and tapioca starch and they are a lot bigger than the one used in soup.  We call these super large noodles banh tam. This dish is very easy to make but require some time for getting all the ingredients together.  People usually use the pork belly but I don't like to eat the fatty part so I just use a piece of pork.  I boil the pork until cook and slice them thin and shredded.  I wash a bag of bi- pork skin where you can find in the frozen section.  Squeeze out the water to dry.  Add a bag or two roasted rice powder to the pork and pork skin.  Add some salt and sugar to give it a little taste.  For the veggie part, I used lettuce, cucumber, and mint.  Now put everything together and drizzle some homemade fish sauce and coconut sauce. Yummy! Yummy! 

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