Thursday, December 29, 2011

My Christmas Present- Sugar Apple (Man Cau)

This year I got a yummy Christmas present, home grown sugar apple. I planted this sugar apple from seed 2-3 years ago and this year it fruited for me. The fruit ripen on Christmas day. This is a Vietnam variety. I was surprised by the size of the fruit. It was 10.7 oz and very tasty. This is the chewy type...which I love most. Mom and dad got a piece of it and they were like wow. :))


Zoe said...'re just amazing! :-)Fruit looks so yummy.

bumble bee said...

your amazing green thumb :-)

Tao said...

Did you keep the plants indoors during winter? Wow! that's lots of work. I'm impressed.
I grow many orchids and fruit tree in my back yard:

Manang said...

you have such green thumbs. My tropical plants inside the sunroom don't do as good as yours do. No flowers, no fruits...some are even drying up fast, or attacked by pests...sigh!