Thursday, August 13, 2009

August Tropicals Update is an update of my tropical fruit trees. I'm pretty happy this year as all my trees are doing well. They are growing fast and some are fruiting as well.

From second floor window looking down.

Priestly atemoya

About 10 fruits on atemoya tree.

Hasya sapodilla

Some fruits on Hasya sapodilla

Dwarf june plum

June plum with some fruits

Another dwarf june plum

Makok sapodilla

One big fruit on Makok

Sweetheart lychee more leaves

Guava with lots of flowers

Lots of fruits

Sugar apple from seed 2+ yrs old. Now have lots of flowers but I have to pinch them off so it can grow larger.

Thai Lessard sugar apple

Caimito fruit tree (purple)

48-26 atemoya


Seed grown atemoya

Soursop growing more leaves

Mix of magenta, yellow, white dragon fruit

One flower on dragon fruit

Seed grown papaya from 08

Seed grown sugar apple 9/08

Dwarf pomegranate

Mix of cactus flowers


sue said... all your tropical envious too...I am trying so hard to grow some here in Toronto..but so far no luck...maybe weather too cold here...I have recently sown some seeds from sugar apple..about a month sign s of any growth yet...keeping my fingers crossed...:-(

My Taste Heaven said... sure know lots about plants!