Thursday, May 28, 2009

2009 Tropicals Update

After reading this post you can call me crazy for having so many tropical fruit trees. And I just ordered two more trees. It is on it's way here. :) What an expensive hobby here. All my trees are in pots since I can't leave them outside in the winter. Hope you enjoy looking at these. Please comment if you know how to get these to fruit! :)

This is my sweetheart lychee. It is now over 4ft tall. Got it last year and more new leaves this year. Can't wait until it have fruits!

This is the star apple. It is the purple variety. I have it for 3 years now. No fruit yet but growing bigger.

This is Hasya sapodilla. I got this on June 08. There are couple flowers on the tree now. Hopefully, I will get some fruit this year. I'll be happy with just one. :)

This is the Makok sapodilla. Also got it on June 08. It is taller and also flowering.

This is the dwaf june plum. I still have 4 of these. One fruited last year and die. :( All of them are in bloom now. Maybe I should remove the flower and let it grow.

This is my Priestly atemoya tree. I aslo got this on June 08. I got one fruit out of it last year. :) Currently blooming.

This is my seed grown sugar apple tree. I went on a trip to Canada and purchased some sugar apples there and saved the seeds. Planted it around November 06. It is now 4ft tall and I cut it back twice already.

This is the soursop. Man, this tree is slow growing and seem to die back every year. It is now just starting to put out new growth.

My atemoya tree planted from seed. I think I planted this in 07.

My three varieties dragon fruit. I have magenta, white, and yellow varieties. It had 3 blooms last year but no fruit. What can I do to get it to fruit???

My papaya planted in 08 from seeds. I got many small papaya from Chinatown and decided to plant the seeds afterward. They are about 2 ft tall now. This is the personal papaya. Just enough for one person. :)


Jay said...

Very very nice! Here's a little tip for your will have noticed by now that these flowers do not open fully like most flowers you see. They are the same type of flower you see on miracle fruit trees. When they do open, as far as they do, start shaking the crap out of them or flicking at the flowers. This will help release and distribute the pollen. Otherwise, they will just drop off without fruit. It's worked wonders for the miracle fruit.

Maybe larger containers for your dragon fruit? Possible that the plants were still too immature to hold the fruit.

Soursop???!!! WTH??!! So you like the taste of sweaty feet and vomit???!! LOL!!! That's exactly what Gerry(lycheeluva) described the taste of this fruit when we were in Florida last year! Bringing a tear to my eye just thinking about it.

Still...wonderful accomplishments. OhioJay

sue said...

Hi, Cherry, You are so lucky to be able to plant so many tropical fruit trees..I was trying to grow the little green limes and they all die out on disappointed..Do you have very cold winters in where you are living? I live in Toronto..

ch3rri said...

Hi Jay, Thanks for your comment. I will try it with the sapodilla flowers. Last year I used a small brush to brush the pollen. Formed a few tiny fruits and dropped after a couple weeks.

haha...not sure if I want to change the container for the dragon fruit. It is too big. A pain to change it last time. I will fertilize it this year to get it to bloom.

I have read that post where Gerry vomited after eating the soursop. It could be because the fruit is not ripe. You usually take the meat out and add in sugar and ice to make it taste good. The leaves smell really nice thou.

ch3rri said...

Hi Sue,

I live in PA so we have snow here in the winter. I have to bring them all in when temperature reach below 50F. I'm too crazy. I like to plant things that are not common in the area. :)

Bajansun said...

Do you put any covering or block around your lychee tree. I understand that young trees don't like the wind.

You've got an impressive tropical garden. I live in FL and I don't have that much. It's very expensive when you have plants shipped. I ordered a Cogshall Mango from Pine Island. I was pleased with my order, but my tree ultimately died because we had a frost here in Orlando.

Anyway good luck to you. If I ever move back to NY, I'll probably be doing the same thing your doing.

ch3rri said...


I did not put any protection for the lychee. When it's windy I just put it near the side of the house or bring it in the house. Most of the time it is ok. I usually read the weather and if I know it will be really windy then I plan ahead. I think only the young new leaves get damage easily since it is thin at that time. If you get a grafted tree, maybe you can plant it in pot first until it is older and stronger before you plant it in the ground. It's a challenge sometime but well worth it.:) Good thing I have a morning room.

Timothy Lane said...

I grow all of these trees in the ground, here in southwest FL.

Lychee needs soil mycohrrhiza (fungal symbiotes which nourish the roots) to do well. They sell an Epsoma fungus incoulant, organic fertilizer at most large hardware stores. Comes in a blue-ish colored bag.

If you can, mulch your trees with hay, grass clippings and horse manure. Don't pile it up the trunk, keep these things away from the trunk- put it around the feeder roots beneath the branches/canopy. If you can manage to do this for your trees they will like it very much.

Generally, all of these trees (and most tropical fruiting plants for that matter), do well with high potassium fertilizer. 8-3-9, or 8-2-10, something like that. We use this on jackfruits, figs, bananas, mangoes, you name it. It is ideal for almost everything. With micronutrients is even better.

Soursop will grow very quickly when it is happy. It dislikes cold. It is a delicious fruit when it is perfectly ripe, though I prefer atemoya for eating fresh.

ch3rri said...


Thanks for the tips. I did got some of the mycohrrhiza and I added to most of my tropical fruit trees. Currently, I'm looking for a pandan flavor plant. So hard to find them anywhere. And the one they sell is so expensive. Do you know any source that sell for a reasonable price? Any atemoya in Florida yet? My atemoya blooms but no fruit set. :( Maybe my tree want to rest this year. Know where I can order some atemoya?? Thanks.

Manang said...

I ordered pandan plant from ebay, coming from Thailand. I thought I was gonna get 1 plant, but they actually sent me 3. Sweet!
payment details:
Your total is:
$18.90 per item
$0.00 insurance (not offered)
$0.00 Sales discounts (-) or charges (+)
$15.00 shipping/handling

$33.90 = Total

That is with phytosanitary certificate.
I did not expect the bonus of two extra ones. They arrived in excellent condition.

ch3rri said...


Is this the pandan favor for the food? But that's expensive. I was looking for one. Lucky my future mother in law sneaked some back for me from Vietnam. I just got them for a couple days. But seem like only one or two will make it. The rest seem to rotten after planting.

Now you should plant yours and make it grow more and more and then you can sell it to get some money back. I'm sure a lot of people in US want this plant.:)

waipahu jay said...

any1 from the island of Oahu willing to sell me a Soursop plant or its seeds ?
my mom cas malignant tumor in her parotid gland, t3 spinal and this year on hip
i live waipahu so if n e1 wana help, datl b great