Monday, February 1, 2010

Homemade Soy Milk

Nice hot soy milk is the best in this cold weather. Soy milk is also good when cold. Homemade soy milk is the best since you can taste more of the soybean and add your own sweetness. It's also cheaper to make your own.


2 cups soybeans (soak 6 hrs or overnight)
5 liters water
1 cup sugar
6-8 pandan leaves (tie in knots)


1. In a blender add in 2 cups of soaked soybeans and about 1 liter water and blend it well. Puree it for a couple minutes. (Remember not to fill the blender all the way as it will spill when blend. Do not need to use the full 1 liter water at a time. Can always add in at the end.)
2. Strain the liquid in a cheesecloth over strainer. Squeeze out the milk. (see below pics.)
3. Repeat until finish with soaked soybeans.
4. Strain the milk again before cooking.
5. Boil the the milk until slowly boiling with pandan leaves. Stir constantly to prevent burning to the bottom of pot. Also, need to keep an eye on the pot or it will boil and spill. Turn heat lower when milk become boiling. Add in sugar and stir well. Taste and add in more sugar if needed. Simmer for another couple minutes before removing from heat.
6. Strain hot soymilk again over cheesecloth before drinking. Let milk cool completely before storing in refrigerator.


Ravenous Couple said...

homemade is the best! had to do this for mom while growing up...but did you know there' a machine for this now too? you put the water and beans and out one end goes the milk, out the other end goes the pulp!

ch3rri said...

hehehehe...I know they sell the machine for like $80. But then I was not sure if it tastes the same and I was being This is not really hard to make. It just takes longer. But I think if you only want to make a couple cups then it's wont take long.

Quỳnh Nghi said...

I used to make it this way back home too but here I just cook it & then strain afterward.