Friday, December 11, 2015

My Tropical Fruit Trees Update

I used to have a lot of tropical fruit trees but most die after I left them down the basement.  These are all I have left.  I still have a few sugar apple and cherimoya seedlings. Other than tropical fruit trees I also have 5 different epi flowers and 4 different hoya plants.  I really love to eat atemoya, so tempted to get more tree!!!  Maybe I need to visit Canada for some tropical fruits.  No place for me to order cherimoya fruit either. I'm just so sad now I'm focusing in grafting my atemoya tree.

7 yr old Soursop tree flowered this year but no fruit set. I just pruned it down to fit in the house.
Gefner atemoya with one fruit

Lisa atemoya with one fruit
 Plumeria. My sister gave me a cutting from Hawaii a few years ago.  But not sure why there's no flower yet.  I'll have to fertilize more.
 June Plum
Trying to graft the atemoya to cherimoya tree


Craig said...

I saw your post from a while back of your fig trees, looked like they were growing and fruiting great at the time. I'm just curious if you've been able to keep those going since then? (I know winter survival of figs is challenging in the lands of ice and snow.)

Ong Vàng said...

I was thinking about your fruit trees the other day. Haven't seen you post anything lately. Must have been a busy life :-)
I have a few plumeria plants that have been blooming that my sweetie brought home from Hawaii.
Take care!