Monday, December 14, 2015

My Pawpaw Photos 2013

I took these pictures back in 2013 when my trees were full of fruits.  This year I had a good crop too but I didn't take any picture so I uploaded the 2013.  I have the Sunflower and PA Golden varieties. Both are very good and sweet.  The only thing I dislike is of course the large seeds and the slight bitterness close to the skin from Sunflower. But my mom was fine with it.  The PA Golden which I got from a nursery is a lot larger compared to the Sunflower.  However, Sunflower have a better flavor and slightly chewier than PA.  Actually, all flesh covering the seed is chewier for both varieties. So I usually eat all the area near the seeds and give the other rest to the kids. :)  I like the fruit when it's just ripen.  If you leave it longer then the flesh is more mushy and juicy.  It's hard to describe the flavor.  My mom said it tasted like banana and some jackfruit

Friday, December 11, 2015

My Tropical Fruit Trees Update

I used to have a lot of tropical fruit trees but most die after I left them down the basement.  These are all I have left.  I still have a few sugar apple and cherimoya seedlings. Other than tropical fruit trees I also have 5 different epi flowers and 4 different hoya plants.  I really love to eat atemoya, so tempted to get more tree!!!  Maybe I need to visit Canada for some tropical fruits.  No place for me to order cherimoya fruit either. I'm just so sad now I'm focusing in grafting my atemoya tree.

7 yr old Soursop tree flowered this year but no fruit set. I just pruned it down to fit in the house.
Gefner atemoya with one fruit

Lisa atemoya with one fruit
 Plumeria. My sister gave me a cutting from Hawaii a few years ago.  But not sure why there's no flower yet.  I'll have to fertilize more.
 June Plum
Trying to graft the atemoya to cherimoya tree