Sunday, July 31, 2011

My Potted Sugar Apple Trees (Man Cau)

I have a lot of tropical fruit trees and I have quite a few sugar apple trees (5 +) because the fruit is my family favorite. There are a few variety of sugar apple but the best one is the one that is chewy with more flesh than seed ratio. The green variety seems to be the best but the kampong mauve sugar apple looks very pretty. So I have both varieties and also planted a few green variety from seeds. They are pretty easy to grow and fruit in 2-3 years. I think I will get a lot of kampong mauve sugar apple this year. :)

Kampong Mauve Kampong Mauve

Thai Lessard

Seed from Vietnam

Fruiting at 2 years

More seedlings


Anonymous said...


You have the best looking sugar apple tree I have ever seen. Beat the trees I even see in Thailand.

Congratulations of the new baby.

Maylee said...

It's amazing that you can get them to bare fruit in the pot!

Anonymous said...

My Gosh,

I have a tree over 6 yrs. old planted in the backyard on hot climate. It has 2 or 3 fruits and two of them were mummified by some type of insect I guess white fly or something) I fertilized, fumigate and everything else possible. I do not know what else to do. It is my most favorite fruit, besides mangos and nisperos. Can someone give advice? The one fruit on the tree even though is small, is turning kind of yellow. When do I pick it? Thanks, TIES

ch3rri said...

Pick it when the segments on the fruit start to become even. That's a sign that the fruit is ready to pick. Then you leave it ripe on the counter. I'm not sure how to help on the mummified part. It happened to one of my tree once and there is no cure for that. If you want more fruits you can hand pollinate the flowers by using a small brush to collect pollen and then brush into another just opened flower.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, I have a tree about3years old, little flowers apperar every day but disappears the next morning, I think some insect of something is eating them.
The tree looks healthy making new leaves,and is getting sun for at least 6 hours sunny.I am in Aruba.
What can I do?
Sugar Apple and Mangoes are most favorite fruits

ch3rri said...


I'm not sure how to help you if it's insect that's eating the flowers. You can join the tropical fruit forum and post up questions and picture of the insect and a lot of forum members might able to answer. I visit the forum often and it's a great place to learn how to grow tropical fruit trees. Good luck.

PY said...


I am amazed at your tropical plant growing skills, esp with the mangoes and sapodilla. How do you winterize them? any tips would be most helpful. You are in PA, right? zone 6??? I had a mango but it didn't do much and eventually died.