Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sugar Apples (Man Cau) Updates

Here is the latest update of my sugar apple trees and seedlings. They are doing very well with tons of flower on my Canadian sugar apple and one fruit on the Thai Lessard. My seed grown Canadian sugar apple have 4 fruits forming with more flowers. The best part is I didn't hand pollinate them. I think the bees or flies helped with the pollination. Now you'll be more surprised if you scroll down and look at the sugar apple seedlings. Some are over 2 ft tall and some still only 1-1 1/2 ft tall. Three are from Vietnam seeds and 3 from mauve sugar apple seeds from florida. The mauve sugar apple seedlings grow slower than the seeds from Vietnam. Can you see the flowers on the seedlings? All the seedlings have flowers on them! I think it might be because I've been feeding kool bloom fertilizer.:) The seedlings were planted on 9/08. So these seedlings will be two years old in September. Because my sugar apples are growing so well and my first fruit was great, I decided to plant more. I started some sugar apple seeds again in my mini greenhouse on May 22nd with a couple of cherimoya seeds. They are now 5-7 inches. I will have to transplant them soon. :)

Canadian Sugar Apple

Thai Lessard

Thai Lessard

Sugar apple seedlings

Flowers same size as mature tree.

more flowers. But have to remove all of the flowers since the seedlings are too small for fruit.

Newly planted seeds on 5/10.


Zoe said...

Wow..amazing. You sure have a green thumb. Remember you sent me some a few months back? None of them grow :-(