Friday, October 14, 2011

Ready to eat my dragon fruit!

So after many years of disappointment, my dragon fruit finally hold it's fruit. Yes, just one this year. I have three different variety, magenta, red, and yellow. Well, I thought this one is the magenta one....but I was wrong after cutting it in half. It's not pink or red...but white! Not sure what happened but the size of the fruit is small but inside is not pink. The fruit was ripe on the vine so it was very sweet. I wonder what variety is this. Small in size, pinkish skin, and white inside.


Let's Go!!! said...

It's so exciting to taste the produce from your own garden. Well done!
Love your tropical garden!

Anonymous said...

May I know how did u get the dragon fruit plant?

Pauline said...

So exciting! Enjoy your nature's bounty.

I wonder if dragonfruit is similar to figs, because they both have those tiny spherical seeds inside a juicy flesh.