Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Soybean Custard (Tau Fu Fa)

Today I made this delicious soy bean custard. It is so smooth!!! I only made enough for me...hehehe. So if you want to make more then double the soy milk, gypsum powder, and cornstarch.


1 liter soy milk
1/2 tbsp cornstarch
1 tsp gypsum powder
1/4 cup water


1. Boil soy milk. Remove any bubbles.
2. Mix gypsum powder, cornstarch and water together. Mix well.
3. Pour the hot soy milk and gypsum mix together into a large bowl. Give it a real quick stir. Then cover with wet cheesecloth and cover. Let it sit for 1 hr without moving it.
4. Serve the custard with sugar syrup.

Sugar syrup:
1 cup water with 1 slab brown sugar. Boil until slightly thicken. (optional: add a couple slice of ginger if you want ginger taste.)

****Microwave the custard for a super hot dessert. It's so smooth that it'll slip down your throat before you know it.


ICook4Fun said...

Ch3rri, may I know where you get the gysum powder here in PA? I wanted to make this but not sure where to get the powder.

ch3rri said...

I bought this at the Asian supermarket. I saw them almost at all Asian supermarkets. Try looking in the spice and flour section. It's a small packet. It should have the word gypsum on it.

ch3rri said...

Oh, if you live in Philadelphia then go to the Asian supermarkets on Washington Street. There is one on 6th and Washington. There are three Asian supermarkets from 6th to 16th street. Good Luck

Gertrude said...

Thanks Ch3rri, I will look for it the next time I shop at Washington Street.

PlumLeaf 李葉 said...

WOW! Ch3rri - I did not know you can make Tau Fu Fa so easily and quickly without making it from fresh soybeans!!?!?
Is it unsweetened soymilk? In Uk, there are two types, sweetened and unsweetened.
I will definately try this one!

ch3rri said...

You can use the unsweetened soy milk. But the fresh soy milk is a lot better. This is so good.

Manang said...

you never fail to amaze me! We call this taho in the Philippines, and I used to just buy silken tofu and mix that with maple syrup. Now you have an easy and fast way to make it! I am sure my blog readers will find your post helpful. I will promote this post and your blog to my Filipino friends! They will be excited for sure!

Manang said...

btw, I still have to look for the gypsum powder too!

How did you learn how to make such foods as this???

You are a blessing to us Filipinos! I am sure once I have promoted your blog to Filipinos, they will make use of a lot of your recipes for business purposes (especially like those cow cakes; Filipinos in the Philippines will surely love having those for snacks).

JinkyK said...
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JinkyK said...
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JinkyK said...

This is a neat idea. I was craving for Taho once and I used the Silk Tofu, just microwave it and Voila you have your instant Taho. You still have to make the syrup, though. As soon as I can find that powder you used, I will give this a try. Thanks for sharing!

ch3rri said...

Hehehehe....thanks Manang. I like to research on recipes and I found similar recipes online. There is a video out there that show you how to make tau fu fa too. Making this is pretty tricky so remember to search for the video.

Sandi said...

Ch3rri,how many cup of soybean and water to make soy milk for Tau Fu Fa? I tried ur recipe but the Tau Fufa was flakes rather than actual actual tau fufa. I can't find gympsum powder here in FL & I live in a small town. Instead, I managed to get hold of Epsom Salt from Wallgreen. Would appreciate if you could explain how I use Epsom Salt in place of gypsum Powder as well as method of combining it with the soy milk. Thanks for sharing your recipes.

ch3rri said...

Hi Sandi. Epsom Salt is totally different. I have never use epsom salt for food before. Sorry I could not help here.